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My name is Arsenios Corbishley. I am a violin maker.

The instrument is the vehicle of the performer for their art. My role is one of collaborator. I craft modern violins, violas, and cellos, and maintain existing instruments to allow the performer a broader range of ease and expression.

My fascination with string instruments began when I started to play the cello. When I was 17, I began working at a local violin shop. I continued working during my undergraduate degrees in cello performance and political science. After college I freelanced as a musician and did repair work full time. In 2009, I entered the instrument making program at the Chicago School of Violin Making. I returned to Oklahoma after completing the program in 2012 to open my own shop.

Making new instruments in the traditional Italian style, I am dedicated to the highest quality of work. This approach ensures high calibration, exacting detail, and an intimate connection between maker and instrument at every step of the process. 

As Oklahoma City's premier luthier, I do repair and restoration work. From tonal adjustments to complex restorations, my goal is to maintain your instrument for future generations while keeping it in the best shape for today's demanding performers. Call for an appointment today if you are feel you could be getting more out of your instrument. Estimates are always free and string instruments are hard enough to play as they are. Let me help make it a little easier.

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