Repair and Restoration

Every violin and viola needs a little maintence. Estimates are always free. Instruments must be examined in person. Corbishley Violins offers prompt and professional service to keep your instrument sounding its best. Repairs are carried out with utmost precision. We understand that a violin is a tool for the musician. We return the instrument to your hands as quickly as is reasonable.

Here are examples of the repair and restoration services offered:

For instruments:

  • Replace bridges and soundposts
  • Gluing seams
  • Tonal adjustments
  • Crack repair
  • Replace/adjust pegs and fittings
  • Soundpost patches and arching correction
  • Replace edgework
  • Varnish touch-up and repair
  • Fingerboard planing and replacement
  • Resetting or grafting neck
  • Finding that intermittent buzz

For bows:

  • Rehair
  • Thumb leather
  • Replace winding


We also do presentations on making, maintenance, and anything else violin shop related. Do not hesitate to contact us if you or your organization would be interested in hearing and seeing portions of the violin making process.

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